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Formidable number field Cheat sheet

Learn all about Formidable Forms number field in this Cheat sheet.

Field Type – Number
This number field requires a value. If no value provided, there will be a validation error message (customizable). The default “required field indicator” is * (customizable).
This is a read-only number field. User can’t type any values here. However, a value can be set indirectly using “Default Value” in field settings or programmatically.
This field only allows a number between 10 and 20
This field only allows odd numbers.
For odd numbers, set step size to 2 and starting value to 1
For even numbers, set step size to 2 and starting value to 0
This number field’s value increases by one for each new entry. The start value (for the first entry) can be customized. For more details, Click here
This field shows a value between 0 and 100. For details, click here
This field always shows 2 decimals. If you type more than 2 decimals, it will round it off
By combining step size, number range and default value, allowed values can be further restricted.
For example, this number field allows a value between 0 and 1 in 0.1 increment
This requires “Bootstrap” add-on
This requires “Bootstrap” add-on

Calculated field

Change the price to see GST and Total price calculations
You may not believe but this is a number field and its value will be saved in Formidable entries. It looks like a label due to “frm_total” CSS. This is very useful for read-only fields like this one.