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Formidable paragraph field Cheat sheet

Learn all about Formidable Forms paragraph field in this Cheat sheet.

Field Type – Paragraph
This paragraph requires a value. If no value provided, there will be a validation error message (customizable). The default “required field indicator” is * (customizable).
This is a read-only paragraph. User can’t type any values here. However, a value can be set indirectly using “Default Value” in field settings or programmatically.
The default value can be a fixed value or derived from other fields values
This paragraph has a height of 10 rows (customizable). If there are more than 10 rows of content, there will be a scrollbar to view the rest of the content.
This paragraph allows only 10 characters. There are no field settings for this. Instead, this requires changes in HTML. For more details, Click here
For details, Click here
For details, Click here