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Formidable radio button field Cheat sheet

Learn all about Formidable Forms radio button field in this Cheat sheet.

Field Type – Radio button
Simple Radio Buttons
Required Radio Buttons *
This radio buttons requires a value. If no value provided, there will be a validation error message (customizable). The default “required field indicator” is * (customizable).
Read-only Radio Buttons
This is a read-only radio button. User can’t choose any options here. However, options can be set indirectly using “Default Value” in field settings or programmatically.
Radio Buttons with “Other” option
The “Other” option allows the users to provide an option which is not listed in a radio button. Upon selecting the “Other” option, a text field shows up where the user can type the new option.
Radio Buttons with two columns layout
Formidable supports One column (default), Two columns, Three columns, Four columns, and Inline Options.
Radio Buttons with “Inline Options” layout
Radio Buttons with default option
Radio Buttons with default “Other” option
Radio Buttons with scroll box
The scroll box is useful when there are many options in the radio button. Use “frm_scroll_box” class in the “CSS Layout Classes” settings to enable scroll box.