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Formidable text field Cheat sheet

Learn all about Formidable Forms text field in this Cheat sheet.

Field Type – Text
This text box requires a value. If no value provided, there will be a validation error message (customizable). The default “required field indicator” is * (customizable).
This is a read-only text box. User can’t type any values here. However, a value can be set indirectly using “Default Value” in field settings or programmatically.
This text box requires a unique value. If an existing value is submitted (e.g. Apple), there will be an error message (Customizable).
The default value can be a fixed value or derived from other fields values
This text box allows max 5 characters
An input mask format guides the user to type field value as per the specified format. Use the “Required” field settings to make the format mandatory.
e.g. This text box requires the value to be formatted as 1 (999)-999-9999 ext. 99?9
Use RegEx for complex formats. RegEx pattern doesn’t add an input mask, instead it validates the format when field becomes out of focus or during form submission.
e.g. This text box only allows lowercase characters from a to e.
RegEx: ^([a-e]+)$
This text box will capitalize the first letter of each word. Use “frm_capitalize” CSS class to enable this format.